Our Focus IV


If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or experiencing mental fog, this drip is for you! This IV Infusion supports cognitive function and gives you the energy needed to make your day productive.

Ingredients: fluids, , Folic Acid with B12, L-Taurine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Brainpower Infusion

Increase Productivity


Increase Energy

Improve Memory

Improves Memory


Promotes Mental Clarity

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These IV fluids are designed to correct electrolyte imbalances and replace lost fluid to the bloodstream. It also assists in delivering oxygen and important nutrients to the cells while eliminating toxins out of the body.

brain power

Taurine protects against environmental toxins, reduces brain inflammation, and stimulates neuron formation.

ALA IV Ingredient
Alpha-Lipoic Acid

This powerful antioxidant assists the body in producing glutathione, which is important in eliminating excess free radicals and fighting against certain neurological disease.

Folic Acid with B12 IV
Folic Acid with Vitamin B12

Folic Acid provides protection against memory loss and can help with Alzheimer’s & dementia. B12 is a popular vitamin that fights fatigue and weakness. It also promotes healthy brain function.

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