Iron Infusions At Home

Getting your iron infusion at home is a convenient and effective way to restore iron to healthy levels quickly and safely. Our medical professionals come to you, wherever you are!


restore iron levels quickly


Low hemoglobin? Low ferritin? Low iron? Anemia? Don’t cancel your surgery. Our in-home iron infusion can help replenish you back to healthy levels.

Iron levels will peak approximately 7-9 days after the completion of treatment. Schedule follow-up labs 2 weeks post-infusion. At-home iron infusions are available for South Florida clients after labs have been reviewed by our physician.

Ingredients: fluids, Iron

Mobile At-Home Iron IV Therapy

benefits of getting our iv iron infusion

Mobile Iron IV Therapy

Restore Iron Levels

iv iron infusions at home

Fight Fatigue

At home iron infusion

Transport Oxygen

Restore Anemia

Improve Anemia

Iron Fluids Ingredients

Fluids are designed to correct electrolyte imbalances and replace lost fluid to the bloodstream. It also assists in delivering oxygen and important nutrients to the cells while eliminating toxins from the body. At-home iron infusions are given with fluids to restore iron levels quickly and with fewer side effects.


Iron is a mineral utilized by the body for proper growth and development. Iron is used to make hemoglobin and myoglobin. These two proteins carry oxygen to everybody, including the lungs and muscles. Iron also plays a vital role in hormone production.

IV iron infusion at home

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How It Works

Iron Lab Test

Lab Testing

Iron IV therapy is a medical treatment requiring labs in the past two weeks.

Doctor House call

Medical Consultation

Our medical provider will review your labs and make a recommendation regarding the appropriate dosage and number of sessions you will need to restore iron levels.

Concierge Microneedling PRP is convenient, in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Iron Infusion

Our board-certified RN comes to your home to administer your iron IV treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept insurance, but our iron IV treatment cost is less than most clinics. We can offer you a super-bill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, upon request. However, we do not guarantee your insurance provider will cover it.

The benefits of Medicology IV & Wellness’s iron infusions include: 

  • Quickly restore iron levels 
  • Raise hemoglobin level to be eligible for surgery
  • Improve anemia 
  • Fight fatigue caused by low iron levels.
  • Avoid side effects typically seen with oral iron

Iron infusions are administered directly into the vein by one of our highly trained nurses. Our at-home iron infusion takes approximately 30 minutes. Our nurse will stay with you 15 minutes post-infusion to monitor and answer any questions you might have. 

Yes, we need at least a hemoglobin, iron, and ferritin level to ensure you’re eligible for the iron infusion. Though iron is a natural element essential for the oxygenation of the blood, an excess of iron can actually be toxic to the organs. For this reason, iron is the only IV treatment we offer that requires lab work. It also ensures you receive the most effective dose.

Yes, our doctor can give you a lab order which you can take to any laboratory.  The order for the labs will cost $99. When you receive your iron infusion, this fee will be credited back to you and the lab order will be free of cost. Also, be aware the location you choose to get your blood drawn might have an additional cost so be sure to ask what their fees are.

For menstruation-related decreased iron levels, you may need iron infusions more often. Depending on your situation, iron infusions will last for months, even years. 

The amount of iron infusions you will need depends on your lab results. Our medical director will review your labs and order the appropriate dose of iron.  Iron infusions can safely correct iron deficiencies after 1-5 treatments, depending on your lab results. 

After our doctor has reviewed your labs and has ordered your iron infusion, we will set up an appointment. Our certified nurse will go to your preferred location. The registered nurse will begin your infusions which take approximately 30 minutes per session. The nurse will monitor you during and after the infusion. 

Iron infusions at home have increased in popularity. Not only are they safe, they are comfortable.  It must be ordered by a physician and can be received at home, hotel, or location of choice. A licensed provider, trained in critical care, will administer the treatment. Medicology IV & Wellness nurses travel to the desired location to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment. We service Miami and its surrounding areas. 

Our iron treatment costs between $399-$700 per session and includes the order for the lab work, the medical consultation, and receiving your iron IV treatment at your desired location.  Our cost vary by dose:

  • 100mg of Iron: $399
  • 200mg of Iron: $700


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